Ditya Chemical is a world leader in manufacturing and supplying high-performance chemicals for the construction industry. We deliver complete constructive solutions for all project needs.
Ditya Chemical is a 100% privately owned, with over 15+ years of experience worldwide. Ditya Chemical has over four decades of pioneering experience in providing Constructive Solutions and serving customers in the construction industry across the country.

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With world-class brands like Hilti and Fisher, we are a leading provider of adhesives for Rebar and structural grade bonding.


Our wide range of chemical anchors serve a variety of challenging needs in new construction and repair situations, designed to aid in-situ applications.

Concrete Repair

Our repair materials and protective systems can help prolong the life of structures way beyond their original strong.

Joint Sealants

Trust Fosroc’s expert knowledge of joint design and sealant technology to help you choose the right product.

77 Construction Chemical

The High Strength Fixing Dose

77 Construction Chemical (CH-77) based two-component bonded anchoring system for stress-free fixing into solid and hollow substrates. CH-77 resin produces higher bond strength than polyester and is suitable for more demanding applications. We offer CH-77 in a range of cartridge sizes from 150ml to 850ml.

Shelf Life

Cartridges should be stored in their original packaging, the correct way up, in cool conditions (+5°C to +25°C) out of direct sunlight. When stored correctly, the product’s shelf life will be 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Health & Safety

For health and safety information please refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheet.